How to use Android mobile as PC remote control


As the generation growing very rapidly, new technology also emerges every single minute. We must increase our technical knowledge even through you are not a computer student or non IT workers. Because, now you can tackle today generation but you can’t wrestle with the tomorrow techno geek generation, even they might your son or daughter. So, today I want to share some knowledge with you.
Before 25-30 years it’s very rare to see remote accessed TVs in my country. But, now we can’t see a single home without remote accessed TVs. Today remote control devices are plays vital role in our life which are simplifying our daily life. Are you bored? O.K, straight to the topic, today I’m going to tell how to use mobile phones as remote control for pc.


1. Bluetooth enabled PC or Wi-Fi enable PC clip_image002
2. System with Windows OS
3. An android mobile phone.

Applications required:

WIN – Remote Control – For Android mobile, which is an android application that allows you to control your desktop through remote control as like TV with remote
How to use android mobile as remote control -1
Windows Remote Service – For Windows desktop, which is a windows server software that allows you to control your PC though Win-Remote control, you should install this server software in order to access remote control.
How to use android mobile as remote control -2

How to use android mobile as remote control through Wi-Fi

1. After the successful installation of both the application in android and PC, start them
2. click on the local network tab→ click on show network interfaces, the windows remote service software in your PC looks as below
How to use android mobile as remote control -3
The pop up like below image
3. Note that IP address of your PC
4. Now take your android mobile which was installed with the win-remote service
5. Start the application on your android mobile.
6. Click on the computer button which is at the top the app, for reference see below screenshot.
7. Click on the + button
8. You will get the pop up which is like below screenshot
9. Now enter IP address which is obtained step 3
10. Click on O.K, that is it, now you can access your PC through your android mobile as a remote control like a T.V

How to use android mobile as remote control via Bluetooth

Note: You should have Bluetooth enabled PC
1. Click on the Bluetooth tab on the windows remote service software on your PC
2. Check on enable Bluetooth connection
3. Now take your mobile, and again click on + button as like Wi-Fi remote access instruction
4. Click on connection and select Bluetooth, click O.K as like below picture.
5. Now select your PC which is listed in the list.
6. If it asked for pairing, pair the device, that’s it, now you can access your PC through Bluetooth.


If you want to use your mobile as mouse or keyboard click on input, now you can use mobile as mouse or keyboard.
Other good features with this app are you can access windows media player (WMP), Windows Media Center (WMC), Task manager, File manager, server etc.,
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